Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Team Collaboration

Project Management Resources

We provide a full range of project and program management skills to supplement your existing team's capabilities.  


Below are some examples of how we help to accelerate and successfully deliver key projects:



Develop and Launch New Products
Deliver Products and Services to Customers
Improve Your Project Management Capabilities
Additional Capacity

Additional temporary project management capacity when short-term demand exceeds the capabilities of your existing resources.

Project Rescue

Rescuing of troubled projects. We're skilled at quickly understanding the root causes of project issues and identifying and implementing immediate recovery actions.

Supplier Management

Supplier management and procurement documentation including statements of work (SOW), procurement specifications, and requests for quote / proposal (RFQ and RFP).

Training & Mentoring

Real-time training and mentoring to develop your existing teams in all key skill areas (ie. project planning and scheduling, project financial management, risk management).

Project Management Improvements

Sustainable, long-term project management performance improvements are only achieved in your organization if the core processes, skills, and methods are addressed. 


We work with you to identify the right opportunities and implement the necessary changes. Below are some examples of how we can help to improve the overall performance of your project management capabilities:

How Can We Help You?

* PMI, PMP, and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute.